Memos from December 2003

just found out…

that i’m real­ly bad in texas hold ’em. i always-damn smile. but for some rea­son tonight—i won $21 against tony and ben­si haha …good times.

Average Joe

What’s the point?!?! Damn. Some­times you think that things might be dif­fer­ent this time around. But for some rea­son, the same bull­shit just keeps hap­penin’. I guess some peo­ple just don’t see the grand pic­ture… damn. I feel for Adam. Damn.

what i want for christmas

christ­mas is a time for giv­ing. i just want peace and hap­pi­ness to all, young and old. no hat­er­a­tion as ms. blige (if you’re nasty) would say… but u‑n-i-t‑y as ms. lat­i­fah (if you’re nasty) would say.

how­ev­er, on the “mate­ri­al­is­tic” side of things… i’d like to get this bad-mofo: canon EOS dig­i­tal rebel. so get on it. i’ll be your best friend.