case of the muuuuuuuundays

waking up for work on a monday is just freakin’ weird. all we did this weekend was chill, relax, and watch tv. nothin’ out of the ordinary, in terms of summer one—where the heat and humidity just gets to you, that you don’t really like to do shit but let the fan blow in the apt. why a fan, and not an ac you say? well, since last wednesday, we found out that our apt.’s ac caused a leak to occur near the hallway to our bedroom. and since then, we haven’t used it; so we just blast the fan all day hoping that it would sooth our hotter-than-hell abode.

tough crowd though, i swear… when ces and i got home, we were both thinking “why is it hot in here than outside?” every window was open, doors were swayed to let the cool breeze come in, and still… no luck. anyways, back to unfinished business when i woke up today.

so i woke up early as usual (well…more like 8.20am today). hoping to be at work around 9.15am, so i can get something to eat quick for my tummy. as soon as i got on the 5 south freeway at tustin ranch dr., it was a straight out traffic-jam… bumper-to-bumper (“two miles per hour, so everyone sees you”… woooord!). anyways, so i get on, and thought to myself if i should call work or not to say that i’m going to run late to our 9.30am meeting. but as soon as i hit and pass the jamboree freeway entrance, there it was. a weird, weird accident of some sort.

it was hard to explain, so i took a picture with my camera—i remembered putting it in my glove compartment weeks ago (fortunately). it was cool, i think no one was hurt. you might ask how i knew, well… the only ambulance that arrived at the scene was straight-out trailing my ass going 2mph—no sirens, &/or lights. that’s the good part, no one got hurt.

so there it goes to show you kids… you never know what will happen a moment from now. just be sure to take and soak each day of your lives like its a blessing. and another thing, just to be super-super-safe… wear a helmet!

from my mind to yours, check out these pics…