hot in hurr

dzaaaaaaaaamn it’s hot! just about two-three weeks ago, it was freakin’ cloudy and chill at the low 70’s but lately, it’s heatin’ up. man, our electricity bill will skyrocket compared to last months—we’ve been freakin’ turning that ac/fan on like there’s no tomorrow.

well i guess its also good in another way that we are getting the summertime weather….finally. that is, summer bbqs and basketball tuesdays at the park; can’t wait till everyone chilll and play ball again—good times. dang, that reminds me, i need to get crackin’ and turn up my workout regiment; more reps, and less chocolate cake from costco. but you can’t hate though man, that ish is mmm mmm good; then you add some ice cream, oh my gosh(dang)—that’s the BOMB DIGGETY!!! umph ^^

meanwhile, i was to roll up north w/ my bro and his gf this past weekend… didn’t happen. she didn’t find the class that she wanted for the fall qtr in SFSU, so there was no point in going to the school in september. however, i wish i could have gone just to go—i really wanted to visit them peeps up north: bigs & michelle, the padojino’s, and especially X-man himself. man, i’ve been mia on the godfather-support thing since i had low cash flow—but don’t worry xavy, ninong has dough, and can finally get you all the candy you want haha.

speakin’ of up north, congrats to kev-dawg! …first of “the crew” to be married, and from what johnjohn said (on Monday, July 07)… it was good times. so yah, congrats mr. and mrs. kevin ebilane—may you both have great health, fortune, and love for one another. woah, that reminds me about speaking at tony and julie’s wedding… hysterically funny yo! i was sweating and nervous like a kid doing a presentation in elementary in front of the whole school—wait, that was also me….SHIET! haha

good times though, good times. speaking of TnJ, they coming home soon mid-july w/ an addition to la familia… marley. that should be fun seeing them ever since last year. times are sure passing by fast eh? it was only yesterday that we all graduated from college, and look at where at now—more stupid than ever haha.

well, it’s hot in hurr… i’ma take a chill pill and grub a little, prolly roll to the batting cages or what have you. oh yah, i’m thinking of rollin’ up north before august rolls in—so save a lil bit of dough for a road trip yo. let’s do this ^^

from my mind to yours, hotness = hot girls outside… don’t drool, play nice =p