sho nuff

sooooo this is the life of having work that your really don’t think of that much about. i mean, i am getting paid for shit i do at home—digital arts. weird, i never really thought of getting employed as a graphic artist but here i am, with a company that i am having fun with—tiiiiight. even though i am a computer engineer, i still do some coding in this line of work—i guess its what everyone refers to as “a foot in the door.” C.R.E.A.M. yo!

in this jobby-job, i learn new shit everyday. for instance, i got pressured by one of my homie locs (who i knew by playing counter strike 2-3 years ago) to make something in flash; side-note: it is the same guy who referred me for the job haha—i guess it pays to play games =p. back to the topic… so i just sat down, and browsed websites (as well as bugged james ^^), and picked it up quick. its just about damn “logic.” i guess everything in life is somewhat like this; just like lego blocks—to get the best out of anything, you just have to find the part that fits. that is, you just gotta find what you like, and when you find it, hang on to it as it was made for you ever since the beginning.

woah, that sounds like deep shit for them shallow minds eh?! anyways, i heard that most of my homies and homegirls have a job now—so thats cool ish. we can all hang out now and not worry about not making it cause we ain’t got the cash to do so. well at least, me, i have been mia from the homies cause i was “poh.” well, i just hope to get financially stable and pay all the bills finally; and get my mom and my aunt the relaxation they need for so long ever since graduating this past fall.

so here i am, hopefully on the right path. after many trials and tribulations that i was put through—i just hope i can take that experience and use it well in the future; and to help other people out in whatever way i can.

so the first thing on my list is this 3-Day Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser. it is a three day walk from santa monica to malibu; a sixty mile walk/hike to raise money to fight breast cancer. the only thing i see that might be an obstacle is the $85 registration fee plus the $2000 fund you have to raise to participate. i know, that being a college student, ends are hard to come by this days. i just hope that some of my sigep bros can commit to it, and participate in any way they can. so i prolly have to get a meeting started sometime soon and see how are we going to help out in this thing if we don’t have the ends to do the walk itself; maybe just be a volunteer and be part of the crew teams who motivate the walkers—we’ll see how that goes.

anyways, what else is up with me? well, i’m the same o’ dude that just understands more about the world as a new day arises. still smillin’, still shinin’ woooooooord up! is anyone even reading this? or am i just entertaining my damn self again, as always haha—shiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeet i’m such a “nuhd” (inside joke w/ dean).

meanwhile, i just paid for a lot of crap lately, before my first paycheck. WTF, i need to handle my ish or i won’t be able to buy my castle in the sky. HA! anyways, it’s time to get my day jump started and meet up with the fam bam for the fourth, and get some grub in this mofo. again, happy bday to gwenie! and congrats to ai for getting her job with the boys in blue, LAPD.

from my mind to yours, “wear a helmet.”