on a so-called diet?!

  • Grandma’s Homestyle – Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 Cookies), consumed at 9:49am
    Serving Size (38g) =1 cookie, Calories=200, Calories from Fat=80, Fat (8g)=13%, Saturated Fat (3g)=14%, Cholesterol (15g)=4%, Total Carbohydrates (28g)=9%, Fiber (1g)=0%, Sugars=14g, Protein=2g, Vit. A=0%, Vit. C=0%, Calcium=0%, Iron=6%
  • Chinese Food, consumed at 1pm
    two item combo. half-and-half (fried rice, and chow mein. string beans w/ chicken, and sweet & sour chicken.
  • Hunt’s SnackPack, consumed around 6:15pm
    Calories=150, Calories from Fat=50, Fat (5g)=8%, Saturated Fat (15g)=8%, Cholesterol (0mg) = 0%, Sodium (160mg) = 7%, Total Carbohydrates (23g)=8%, Dietary Fiber (0g)=0%, Sugars=16g, Protein=2g, Calcium=6%, Iron=4%
  • 3 slices of WonderBread (white), and half of ces’ game hen, consumed at 7:30pm.ish
  • a cup of Dole’s Pineapple-Orange-Banana
  • and 4 cups of water.

damn, is that even enough daily calories? how bout you guys, what’s your meal plan?