people’s away message on sunday 8:45pm.ish, UCI finals week Winter-02

  • back to studying
  • time for some din din!
  • final tomorrow morning….
  • yo, im hittin dem bookz… my knuckles are kinda soar =(
  • grubbin’ w/ some bros…
  • yes i have a tab key…
  • Dinner, studying, church, then more studying.. Be back late tonight!
  • It’s that time of the month again……………..I’m studying
  • Midterms.. 🙁
  • Why do we have to read so much? … this is really bringing down the whole college experience… leave a message and when i can no longer see, i’ll get back to you
  • out studying, yay…
  • im around .. leave a message or call the cell
  • FINALS are the epitome of procrastination and stress for college students. >:o
  • Papers Completed: 2/3
    ok so i thought i had a final tomorrow… thought wrong. yay for me.
  • from mel m.’s:
      Finals….that’s all i have to say!
      studying for finals
      ok, i know there is only a few days out of the year for which i actually study and it just turns out that today is one of those days.
      i am studying right now