people’s away message…(Fall-02) part II

  • drained
  • makin anoth­er dras­tic attempt to unpro­duc­tive study­ing….
  • busy work­ing on some­thing. leave a mes­sage
  • pre­tend­ing to study… leave me a mes­sage…
  • I am cur­rent­ly away from the com­put­er. (3x)
  • attempt­ing to cram 10 weeks of mate­r­i­al in one week…gO aWaY!!! >:o
  • Out drink­ing with some Repub­li­can bud­dies.. Call my cell if you need me.
  • zzzzzzzz
  • I dont know where i am. get­ting fad­ed? study­ing my ass off? I wish the for­mer, but sad enough most like­ly the lat­ter
  • this is what women are like: WOMEN!!!
  • sleep….whatever
  • I’m study­ing my butt off 4 class­es. :-\
  • study­ing
  • Leave a mes­sage ……..

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