Memos from June 2002


Lol, it’s fun­ny what freakin’ peo­ple send these days. Here’s a chain-mail I got. I just fig­ured I’ll post it since I don’t have noth­ing else to blog today…

If I could catch a rain­bow
I would do it Just for you
And share with you Its beau­ty
On the days You’re feel­ing blue
If I could build a moun­tain
You could call Your very own
A place to find seren­i­ty
A place to be alone
If I could Take your trou­bles
I would toss them In the sea
But all these things I’m find­ing
Are impos­si­ble for me
I can­not build a moun­tain
Or catch a rain­bow fair
But let me be What I know best
A friend That’s always there
— Anony­mous