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Increase File Upload Size Limit

I am work­ing on a project that requires high-level users to be able to upload more than the default Word­Press file-upload limit. I’ve done this in the past but I have set it to a multi-domain set­ting. Mean­ing that it encom­passes all of my domains being hosted in a par­tic­u­lar Dreamhost user account.

I wanted to only increase the file size (again) to some­thing much larger than I’ve had before but only for a par­tic­u­lar sub­do­main; as I was using it for stag­ing. Here’s the process that I took to make that hap­pen.1

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  1. These steps are a para­phrase from Dreamhost’s Wiki arti­cle. []

Decontstructing The Expressive Web

Inter­est­ing inter­view of the breakdown/process poured into mak­ing Adobe and Big Spaceship’s lat­est project: The Expres­sive Web.

Adobe Prin­ci­pal Prod­uct Man­ager Mike Cham­bers sits down with Stephen Koch, Sr. Devel­oper from dig­i­tal cre­ative agency Big Space­ship, to dis­cuss new design tools in HTML5 and CSS3 that can help you cre­ate expres­sive fea­tures in your web­pages’ UIs.

Here’s the video.