How You Like Me Now?

Always dug that KIA 2011 Sorento com­mer­cial; backed by the music “How You Like Me Now?” of The Heavy. I guess “the like” is com­ing from a well-picked audio piece that accen­tu­ates the char­ac­ter of not only the com­mer­cial, but the KIA Sorento’s playful/active and family-oriented lifestyle.

Any­ways, enough read­ing and more watching/hearing, here’s the minute spot.
YouTube Preview Image

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Chris Crutch­field doc­u­mented DTLA’s event dur­ing Inter­na­tional Pil­low Fight Day this past April 3, 2010. Here’s his video, Pil­lows (Good Feel­ing).

Awe­some, dig­ging it. Espe­cially the use of AE, the crisp­ness, and soundtrack.

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The Sandpit

In the spirit of my Small Worlds post, here’s a short by Sam O’Hare enti­tled, The Sand­pit.

A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. ”

Do note that for the best effect, you should see this piece in HD and full screen.

PS. If you are inter­ested for a descrip­tion of the shoot, cam­era, lenses and work­flow, go here.

Fix Full Screen Issues by Video Embedder WordPress Plugin

If you are hav­ing prob­lems try­ing to dis­play an embed­ded video(s) in your posts like me, then this might help you out. I usu­ally embed videos from Hulu, Vimeo and YouTube mostly. But it’s been a prob­lem try­ing to have the lat­ter 2 dis­play in fullscreen mode.

For Vimeo, the fullscreen icon/grpahic dis­plays on the over­lay of the video. But press­ing on it, just pauses the video and noth­ing else. For YouTube, there was no fullscreen icon/graphic in the first place. I think that might have been caused by some code changes on YouTube’s end.

Mean­while, it seems that the author of Video Embed­der, Kristof­fer Fors­gren, hasn’t been able to update the plu­gin since 2009. So for those like me who still finds good use for the plu­gin, it was a let down not find­ing any new comments/updates since August of 2009.

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