How To Be A Really Good Client

Just thought I’d share this for future ref­er­ence, as well as cur­rent of course.

This was pub­lished a while back by Num­ber 17, a cre­ative stu­dio led by Bon­nie Siegler and Emily Ober­man. Pretty much some basic rules to have a smooth project with con­tracted Designers.

You may either down­load the PDF ver­sion by click­ing here, or via Num­ber 17’s site.

Google’s Project 10^100

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Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by help­ing as many peo­ple as possible.

Here are the points in order to participate:

  1. Sub­mit your ideas by Octo­ber 20th. You may do so by using this sub­mis­sion form.
  2. Vot­ing takes place on Jan­u­ary 27, 2009. Google will be pick­ing the top 100 ideas, of which 20 semi-finalists will be selected through pub­lic vot­ing. From there, Google advi­sory board will then select up to 5 final ideas.
  3. After the final ideas have been picked, Google will bring them to life. They will com­mit $10-million to imple­ment the projects.

I like how Google is doing this. Hope­fully, its suc­cess­ful enough that not only a lot of peo­ple con­ceive great ideas but also help the World. If any, I wouldn’t be a bit sur­prised if those 5 or so final­ist show up on TED Talks.

More details avail­able at project10tothe100.com. Good luck every­one! Let’s change the World positively.


I’ll be some­what on a hia­tus with blog entries till Novem­ber. Its not that long so don’t worry (be happy). I need to take some­time off to try and fin­ish the fron­tend of this site, as well as start some other projects cur­rently in the back-burner.

Oh yah, just FYI… I’ll be down in SoCal for sure 11/23–11/28 and 12/23–1/2/06. “Excuse me… Could you pen­cil me in?” =)