Interesting Quotes

I was just brows­ing the net, and found this one…

When man sac­ri­fices the Love of Power for the Power of Love there will be Peace on Earth.

Then… my epiphany for the month…

Did you know… O is the vowel that sep­a­rates I and U.1 With 3 of ‘em we can say IOU, and derive I(heart)U; then ILOVEUILOVEYOU.

Its weird how the two derives into being indebt with another person.

  1. Alpha­bet­i­cal order: A, E, I, O, U. []


Its been a loooooooong while since I’ve writ­ten a “blog”. A thought that just had to come out of my mind with all the things that have been going on… work, friends, fam­ily, life, etc etc. I know that some­times we all just need to have some good music to groove to, and/or lis­ten to. But I guess, its really just a sub­lim­i­nal thought process that never rises to the top of our heads, being con­sis­tently cov­ered by “will this shit move me”/“this beat knocks hard”/etc-thoughts.

So what the hell am I talk­ing about??? Its hard to explain but easy to think about. I guess it is what it is, our indi­vid­ual lives are our unfin­ished sound­tracks. Con­sis­tently being writ­ten, re-arranged, col­lab­o­rated by dif­fer­ent artists (ele­ments). Break­ing bar­ri­ers of cer­tain gen­res: some­times Funk, some­times R&B, Gospel (on Sun­days), Gangsta Rap (when were mad), yadda yadda yadda. Its music that is not heard but expe­ri­enced by listeners—your friends and fam­ily, and those six degrees apart. It is inter­twined in a cir­cu­lar groove that is being played 24/7 by an omnipo­tent entity and/or force.

But what exactly is this force? I don’t know, but I do have an idea—maybe its each and one of us. Our friends and fam­ily who keeps us going, and tells us to “keep writ­ing those great lyrics, keep liv­ing on that won­der­ful beat and keep striv­ing to hit that hard-to-reach note”.

From my mind to yours, …TGIF and thanks for “tun­ing in” to my beat.