Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park

Love Jump JTG

Love Jump JTG, orig­i­nally uploaded by stechico.

I had the plea­sure of tak­ing Kim and Ricky’s Engage­ment pho­tos this past Sun­day. We were ini­tially going to roll to 2 spots: the first was the Japan­ese Tea Gar­den; and the sec­ond was Straw­berry Hill. We actu­ally didn’t get to go to Straw­berry Hill as there were just tons of peo­ple vis­it­ing the Park. And there was nice weather to top it off.

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Earl the Super Hawaiian

YouTube Preview Image

Awe­some. I was watch­ing Wipe­out and I Sur­vived a Japan­ese Game Show last night when the Super Hawai­ian — Round Table Pizza Ad came. To my sur­prise, it’s freakin’ the homie Earl from UC Irvine haha.

I was try­ing to con­firm to see if its really him and luck­ily found the video above at Youtube. Seems like he got in 2 out of the 5 new ads. Con­grats Earl and GJ!