DIY Helmet Cam for Snowboarding & Skiing

I ded­i­cate the fol­low­ing video to the homie Keno for sure! Haha…

He’s been think­ing of doing some­thing like this and usu­ally holds his Pow­er­shot with his right hand while going down the slopes. The only prob­lem with his tech­nique is that it some­what hin­ders his bal­ance. One the other hand, the only down side to prob­a­bly hav­ing the cam­era on your head is that you really got to be care­ful of how you ride, and not get into some sort of face plant, aka. kiss­ing powder =)

Here’s a live shot of it in use:

YouTube Preview Image

Source via Greyscale Gorilla.

PS. Horry cow—it’s still dump­ing in Tahoe since last week’s storm. Check out the con­di­tions via Snow Bomb.

The 70–200 Conversation

So, I haven’t done one of these in a while. I was con­vers­ing with Juan about what gear to pack for my Big Island trip next week. Com­ing up with at least these: 

  • 20D + SD400
  • 17–35/2.8–4
  • 28–75/2.8
  • bat­ter­ies + chargers

He then sug­gested to bring the 70–200 as well. Now, for those non-shutterbug geeks, this lens is huge and heavy but it packs a wallop.

Any­ways, here’s how it ended:

juan: (-) addi­tional weight w/ the above pack
juan: ?!?!?!?!?!?
juan: what good is work­ing out if you can’t carry an extra 10 pounds?!
juan: wuss
juan: I’ll fight you
*** “juan” signed off at Wed Jul 26 00:39:08 2006.

Oh man, that cracks me up HA! This guy keeps it real =p

The New Canon 30D

Canon 30D

As I was doing my late-night news roundup, I stum­bled upon some inter­est­ing new Web 2.0 apps. The top two that are on my list to beta-test are Fold­era and Fly­spy. I can’t wait to see how Fold­era works, it seems that it’ll be use­ful at work and at home. As for Fly­spy, this thing should make it eas­ier for those of us “remotely” work­ing from home. I hope it saves me a ton of cash so I may have some left for some other good­ies later this year. Not to men­tion, a cou­ple of expenses dur­ing my big trips (Hawaii, Japan and P.I.).

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what i want for christmas

christ­mas is a time for giv­ing. i just want peace and hap­pi­ness to all, young and old. no hat­er­a­tion as ms. blige (if you’re nasty) would say… but u-n-i-t-y as ms. lat­i­fah (if you’re nasty) would say.

how­ever, on the “mate­ri­al­is­tic” side of things… i’d like to get this bad-mofo: canon EOS dig­i­tal rebel. so get on it. i’ll be your best friend.