On Thoughts

Pudding, The Cream Cheese Filler

So, I got into work this morn­ing only to find out that there was one bagel left in the kitchen. Being glad that there is some­thing to eat other than the numer­ous amount of snacks in the cup­boards, I found out that there was no more cream cheese. This, after the fact that my mighty bagel just toasted to perfection.

What does it feel like? Well, you can com­pare it to a lot of things. Like, going to drop kids off only to find out that there is no more TP.

Mean­while, the McGuyver in me found some pud­ding in my cab­i­net. I was going to use them for snack­ing with Honey-Wheat fla­vored pret­zels. It’s kind of like YanYans but cheaper and more nutri­ents. Back to the pud­ding. I then slapped on a small tea­spoon of it on the bagel just to try it out—tasted like Nutella but softer!

So now you know. Word to the wise though, the pud­ding should have a base fla­vor of Choco­late. At least from my first-time expe­ri­ence today. I hope that this info comes in handy for you one day. Other than that, make sure to let your friendly-neighborhood office man­ager know that there is a low sup­ply of cream cheese in the fridge.

Its Been a Minute

Today, April 11th 2006, I have offi­cially spent a year in the Bay Area. It has been a great learn­ing expe­ri­ence, and still is. There is still a lot to learn, see and shoot. I haven’t gone home to LA since New Year’s. Every­thing seemed to be taken up a notch when 2006 hit.

For exam­ple, I still have to process some pho­tos from MA’s Hol­i­day Cruise, my family’s Christ­mas Din­ner, TheCrew’s Tahoe Trip and other func­tions. My room, which was try­ing to keep the “min­i­mal” look, just got dumped on by “stuff”. But alas, I made a promise to get rid/sell things for Spring Cleaning.

Any­ways, besides the old news, I’d like to just greet my grandma a Happy Birthday!

Happy New Year with Sour Skittles

A San Francisco Native’s First BART-ride

BART Discovery by a San Francisco Native

Since the day he was born about a quar­ter plus years ago in SF, Justin has never used the BART. Today, was a glo­ri­ous rainy day—as he finally expe­ri­enced his first BART ride. Even though it was a short one (from Mont­gomery Street to Pow­ell street), it was well worth the $1.40 in change spent.

Update, 3/28/06
Please do know that this was a joke. Come on, its like not going to Dis­ney­land for free and liv­ing a mile away from it.

When You Lose Something Special

So I have been busy these past cou­ple of days. I don’t even think I got out that much dur­ing the week­end, other than to play soft­ball on Sat­ur­day noon. Besides that, it was pretty much spend­ing day­light in my room and being deviant with some projects both for work and for free­lance. Any­ways, I just want to share some­thing with you all… I lost some­thing spe­cial to me. Some­thing that has kept me dry at times, as well as kept me safe when I have to walk late at night—my umbrella, Timba.

Timbaaa… Nooo…

I got her dur­ing Tim­ber­land’s 40%-off Friend & Fam­ily Sale this past year. She was great. She did her job well. It was just unfor­tu­nate to have lost her due to strong 18mph winds blow­ing south-southwest early tonight.

Any­ways, I just had to do an “obit­u­ary” per­say and share it with the great peo­ple over at Tim­ber­land. Here’s my solemn note:

RE: Mini Vented Arc Umbrella

To whom it may concern,

This umbrella fea­tures a clas­sic, vented arc design that can hold its own (and hold its shape) even in strong winds.”

I really love the com­pact­ness and built, but the winds tonight over at SF tested its build,

Photo of the umbrella

SF’s weather forecast

I got the umbrella through your Fall Friends and Fam­ily sale. I was won­der­ing when you guys are gonna have another one so I can get a hold of a new one. This sucks. Please help. I look for­ward to your reply.

Sher­win “My vented-arc-designed umbrella broke”

Home for Thanksgiving

Being home for the hol­i­days is a good thing. Going home on a 6:40am flight is not so good. Espe­cially if you do not want to pay $25 for a cab to the air­port, and want to just get a free ride from a room­mate that goes to work at 4:30am like me.

Maybe its just poor plan­ning on my part last night. I tried to clean up my room as much as I can when I got home from the city, as well as do laun­dry. I also tried knock­ing out some easy tasks for work since I’ll be OOTO (out of the office) till Tues­day next week. I think I fin­ished clean­ing and pack­ing my lug­gage around 2am. So by that, I only slept 2–2.5 hours and got up at 4:15am to get ready to leave with Biggy for the airport.

It was get­ting busy when I arrived and lined up on the secu­rity check line. I was for­tu­nate enough to get in group-B for South­west. I think I was the third per­son on that line. The thing with that is, or at least being alone on a flight, would prob­a­bly be not hav­ing a buddy to watch your stuff when you go to the restroom.

Any­ways, the fligh was on sched­ule for a 6:40am depar­ture out of Oak­land. We arrived in Bur­bank right on time, 7:50am. Got picked up by my brother in his tweaked Civic Hatch­back ’95. It freak­ing only had two seats. The rest of the inside was pretty much the frame. Some­times, I don’t know how he thinks. Then again, it’s his car.

Mean­while, the ride home was bumpy. Dropped cars ain’t really your typ­i­cal smooth ride. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good for rac­ing but com­mon… when was the last time you’ve been on a real rac­ing cir­cuit? So yah, got home a bit before 10am after eat­ing some break­fast. I really wanted to do stuff and not just sit at home. But alas, 2 hours of sleep ain’t going to get things the way you wanted to. And all I can remem­ber was turn­ing off the TV, pulling the sheet over me and wak­ing up at 3pm.

So, here I am: check­ing email; look­ing at my fan­tasy foot­ball and bas­ket­ball leagues; and wait­ing for my mom and aunt to get home so we can do some­thing. We’ll prob­a­bly just end up eat­ing (as usual) and chill at home. But we’ll see, a 5 hour “nap” really does some weird stuff to people’s body and clock. Maybe the movies?

Alas, happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day every­one. Den­ver at Dal­las seems like a good game to watch for NFL this Thurs­day. That should keep you enter­tained after/before you hover all that deli­cious food. “Eat, drink and be merry” as Dave would say. Go Turkey!