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Use the Cavalry 2TB CADA002SA2-B External Drive in OS X and Windows

I recently pur­chased an exter­nal drive to upgrade from my West­ern Dig­i­tal My Book 500GB Essen­tial Edi­tion. I needed the upgrade as I am plan­ning to upgrade the hard drive on my Mac­Book Pro some time this year to at least a 500GB (from a 120GB). I decided to go with the Cav­alry 2TB CADA002SA2-B exter­nal drive (aka. CADA-SA2).

It was sell­ing for a good price (~1GB/$1) a cou­ple of weeks ago. That and hav­ing the addi­tional eSATA inter­face helps with trans­fer­ring huge files (3.0Gbps vs 480Mbps, about 6.25x faster). Any­ways, my My Book was cur­rently setup with the fol­low­ing partitions:

  • 120GB for HFS+. I just use SuperDuper1 once or twice in a month, and/or when I want to do a OS X update, to have a bootable backup just in case of Murphy’s Law.
  • And the rest, 380GB for­mat­ted on NTFS. I use that space for back­ing up music, pho­tos, videos, appli­ca­tion install files, etc. both for Win­dows and OS X

I some­what wanted to do the same with the Cav­alry, but I’ve read on their site and their man­ual that it doesn’t work on OS X 10.5+. Luck­ily, some­one posted a review on NewEgg that they have suc­cess­fully got­ten it to work with Leopard.

You can get this drive to work on Mac OS 10.5. The way Cav­alry Tech sup­port told me to do it was to find a OS 10.4 machine, for­mat it on that and then plug it into the 10.5 machine. All I did was put in my old 10.4 disc, boot from the CD and use disk util­ity to for­mat it. How­ever, if you don’t have a way to boot OS 10.4 you are pretty much stuck.

I hope that helps for those who decide to get the same exter­nal stor­age and use it with your Mac products.

  1. SuperDuper is the wildly acclaimed pro­gram that makes recov­ery pain­less, because it makes cre­at­ing a fully bootable backup pain­less. []

DIY Helmet Cam for Snowboarding & Skiing

I ded­i­cate the fol­low­ing video to the homie Keno for sure! Haha…

He’s been think­ing of doing some­thing like this and usu­ally holds his Pow­er­shot with his right hand while going down the slopes. The only prob­lem with his tech­nique is that it some­what hin­ders his bal­ance. One the other hand, the only down side to prob­a­bly hav­ing the cam­era on your head is that you really got to be care­ful of how you ride, and not get into some sort of face plant, aka. kiss­ing powder =)

Here’s a live shot of it in use:

YouTube Preview Image

Source via Greyscale Gorilla.

PS. Horry cow—it’s still dump­ing in Tahoe since last week’s storm. Check out the con­di­tions via Snow Bomb.

A Longer Walk on Google Maps

It was cool to find out that Apple released an update to iPhone 2.2 today. After going through the process, I couldn’t wait to try out the new features—specially the ones involv­ing Google Maps. They were: Street View, and pub­lic tran­sit & walk­ing directions.

Things were fine when all of a sud­den… a “things that make you go, hmmm” moment. Check out the walk­ing direc­tion that I was given 2-blocks away from the Trans­bay Ter­mi­nal.

Right?! I know. This deserves to be in Seth & Amy’s Really!?! skit dur­ing SNL’s Week­end Update.