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A July Sunday in the Barrio

Was look­ing out­side the win­dow and noticed that it’s going to be a gor­geous Sun­day. So I decided to test out my new GoPro’s time­lapse. First one I have ever done. I still have to fig­ure out how to make a 127-degree FoV vs. this 170. Any­ways, I have it take a photo every 30-seconds; a total of about 1’15″ of real-time footage in the barrio.

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Los Angeles Ramen Spots

A year ago, I wrote about some ramen joints in LA. From that point to now, there has been a lot of devel­op­ment in Down­town LA, espe­cially in Lit­tle Tokyo. After get­ting back from my “short trip” from South­east Asia (Philippines/Thailand) recently, I headed straight to Hakata Ramen SSG.

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Ica Peru Dune Buggy & Sandboarding

In our short time in Lima, we were for­tu­nate enough to book an adven­ture 1.5–2 hours away in the area of Ica. We headed east to a small oasis town of Lake Hua­cachina. There, we did this ^^


Some sushi, some biru, and some good ramen, orig­i­nally uploaded by stechico.

In the SF area? More specif­i­cally, in the Outer Rich­mond? Feenin’ for some iza­kaya, good sushi and ramen? This is the place to be for those near the Outer Rich­mond. Park­ing can be hec­tic but easy as well. I parked at the Legion of Honor lot on a Fri­day night (I think that was on 34th and Clement St.).

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The Inka Trail

I had the oppor­tu­nity to join a cou­ple of friends some months ago, and travel south to the land of Peru. This coun­try is rich in nat­ural resources I tell you. The weather was nice. We were blessed with mostly partially-cloudy to sunny days in our time in the Andes. I could only imag­ine how it would have been if most of the descent on the Trail were wet and slip­pery due to rain.

Mean­while, I made a quick iMovie video slideshow show­ing most of the high­lights of the trek. I was orig­i­nally going to use Ani­moto to do it but find­ing the right music might have been the lim­it­ing fac­tor as you can only select from a select library from their end. I fig­ured I might as well use what I have and pro­ceeded to cre­ate the following.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!
YouTube Preview Image

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