My Bare Lady

I was brows­ing Hulu try­ing to see what new shows they have added to their library—when I found this series, My Bare Lady.

Things heat up when four Amer­i­can adult film stars are sent to London’s most pres­ti­gious the­atri­cal school to prove they can really act. When the cur­tain goes up, someone’s going down.

When you think you have seen it all, you are then sur­prised with “real­ity” shows like this one. Any­ways, here’s the first episode of My Bare Lady1.

  1. The first episode aired on Decem­ber 7, 2006. []

SNL Digital Short — Jizz In My Pants

Oh man— these guys are nuts. Just in case you have missed this past weekend’s SNL, here’s another SNL dig­i­tal short by The Lonely Island1:

YouTube Preview Image

Note: Video fea­tures guest appear­ances by Molly Sims, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and Justin Timberlake. 

  1. The Lonely Island con­sists of Andy Sam­berg, Akiva Schaf­fer and Jorma Tac­cone. []

Where Did That Alberta, Canada Meteor Go?

Here’s a video from a 5–0’s dash that recorded a “trac­tor truck” size meteor:

YouTube Preview Image

Brian Williams: “The search is on in Canada for the impact site?”

What the?!?! They bet­ter find that thing. That thing was huge—that’s what she said! For some­thing that bright and in plain sight of the cop patrolling, they should know at least where to start. Dang… that’s scary if they don’t find it. You think it’s a coin­ci­dence with all these Armageddon-like movies com­ing out?

The video from Hulu is no longer avail­able. I have updated the post with the one from Youtube.

SNL: Justin Timberlake for Beyonce’s Single Ladies Music Video

Oh man… this had me going—freaking hilar­i­ous. I think Justin Tim­ber­lake was going to host this upcom­ing Sat­ur­day or some­thing but can’t any­more due to the Hol­i­days. So he popped in and did Week­end Update and a skit with Bey­once. Just in case you missed it this past Saturday’s SNL, here it is1.

YouTube Preview Image

Note: Beyonce’s Sin­gle Ladies is the lat­est sin­gle from her new album, “I am… Sasha Fierce”. You can now grab it either on iTunes or Amazon.com.

  1. Please do let me know if this one is not avail­able. NBC does not have it yet in Hulu, and the ones in Youtube are being tar­geted for removal. []