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Codi Jordan Band

After hit­ting up Hoot­ers at the Pike (Long Beach) to show our homie Mark from OZ, we headed up to Mai Tai bar for a cou­ple more drinks. It was chill. And then this dope sound hit the room… twas the make of the Codi Jor­dan Band.

Here’s a snip­pet of their set.
YouTube Preview Image

Take another lis­ten, and sup­port: Face­book, MySpace, @codijordan, codijordan.com


Bambu’s “The Queen is Dead” Music Video

Chicharon Adven­tures presents an OISHI MEDIA pro­duc­tion, “The Queen is Dead

YouTube Preview Image

Just trippy see­ing that the video was shot in my bro Exaktoh/Glen’s+Wella’s pad. It’s actu­ally a dope place. Pretty nice size loft right smack in DTLA (near The Edi­son). I heard the build­ing is actu­ally being used for another shoot by Maroon 5; at least near it, so far.

Any­ways, dope stuff.


PS. Stay tuned for the Rhythm Natives album com­ing up in the Summer!