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C’était un Rendezvous

I almost for­got about this short film. Pretty cool one-take flick.1 Crazy dri­ving skills for sure. I guess its true to the con­cept that “90% of life is just show­ing up.“2

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  1. It seems that this type of film tech­nique is an exam­ple of cinéma-vérité. Cinéma vérité is a style of doc­u­men­tary film­mak­ing, com­bin­ing nat­u­ral­is­tic tech­niques with styl­ized cin­e­matic devices of edit­ing and cam­er­a­work, staged set-ups, and the use of the cam­era to pro­voke sub­jects. []
  2. As quoted from Woody Allen. []

Short Films on Hulu

When you don’t have time to sit through a 2-hour movie at home, you can always check out the shorts over at Hulu. The sec­tion is called “Reel Moments”.

Award-winning short films. Hollywood’s hottest direc­tors. Movies inspired by read­ers. Finally all in one place. Go ahead and dig in.

Check out this one directed by Kate Hud­son called, Cut­lass. It stars Vir­ginia Mad­sen, Chevy Chase, Kurt Rus­sell, Dakota Fan­ning and Kris­ten Stewart.

Star Wars — Retold by Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It

HA! Here’s some­thing for my Star Wars friends, and espe­cially “Sky­walker” him­self, JevonStar Wars: Retold (by some­one who hasn’t seen it).

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie Trailer

Sweet—it’s out! I was going to check out The Day the Earth Stood Still a week or so ago and was stoked to find out that they added the trailer for X-Men Ori­gins: Wolver­ine in the pre­views. Sadly, I didn’t have time to roll. How­ever, it was dope to find that they finally brought it online.

Here’s the one that is being shown on Hulu. I just hope that it’s not on some kind of time limit. At least they have this on Youtube as well.

Any­ways, can’t wait till Spring 2009.