On Videography

Thanks Apple, For Recording in Landscape!

Apple recently just posted a new visual for their lat­est iPad Air. It fea­tures a voice-over from Robin Williams, from his char­ac­ter (John Keat­ing) in Dead Poets Soci­ety–a clas­sic!

YouTube Preview Image

I’d like to thank Apple for such a good piece, as well as instill­ing to their cus­tomers that they should shoot videos the right way… Landscape-orientation.

Mountain Dew’s Living Portrait Campaign

I drank some Moun­tain Dew when I was younger, till the likes of Red Bull/5-hour Energy came about. I remem­ber Moun­tain Dew as that was in Tom Cruise’s “Days of Thun­der”. Remem­ber that movie?

Any­ways, I’m dig­ging this cam­paign by Moun­tain Dew, enti­tled “Liv­ing Por­trait”, show­ing of the brand’s All-Stars.

Color Grading Film with VSCO Film

Tuto­r­ial on color grad­ing film with VSCO Film, by Moetic Films. This one is using Aper­ture & Final Cut Pro X, but the con­cept should be gen­eral on whichever tools you use.

There are more edit­ing tech­niques and work­flow help via VSCO Film’s sup­port pages located here.

Source: Moetic Films