Memos from June 2009

Michael Jackson


It was a shock hear­ing about his health ear­lier today. I thought it was just hear-say and was wait­ing for a more cred­i­ble source other than TMZ (tabloid). That though, came with a bit of hope that their bit was false. But alas, at 3:15pm Pacific, the LA Times con­firmed it.

What’s weird is that we were just talk­ing about him at lunch today. The con­ver­sa­tion spurred from a ques­tion of what peo­ple were up to in terms of trips/vacation this Sum­mer. A coworker men­tioned that he was think­ing of going to Lon­don and catch one of his con­certs. Weird.

What sucks is that it has been crazy these past cou­ple of days in Hol­ly­wood. First, it was Ed McMa­hon (on Tues­day). Then, Far­rah Faw­cett early this morn­ing. Now, it’s the King of Pop, Michael Jackson—one of the best Enter­tain­ers the World has ever known.

Damn. Truly an idol to me grow­ing up; try­ing to hit his awe­some counts from Thriller to Bad, Moon­walker and so on. Sad day def­i­nitely. I’m pretty sure most peo­ple will be play­ing his jams tonight on repeat.

RIP Michael Jackson.

PS. LA Times’ “Michael Jack­son: Life in Pic­tures” & video.

I-Movix SprintCam NAB 2009 Showreel

Amaz­ing time-lapse video. Check out David Coiffier’s video made for “Sprint­Cam v3 showreel”.

Dig­ging the Jello drop @ 1:58.

Source via Faruk Ateş.