Memos from September 2008

Q-Tip Live at The Knitting Factory 2008-09-29

Def­i­nitely class and still trail-blazin’, here’s Q-Tip per­form­ing at The Knit­ting Fac­tory NY last night to pre­view his new, upcom­ing album Renais­sance. Other than the show being FREE with a SMS RSVP, Busta Rhymes sur­prises every­one and smashes the show.

YouTube Preview Image

Speak­ing of Renais­sance, there seems to be a leak of an old col­labo that Q-Tip did with D’Angelo. Here’s the track “I Believe” which is rumored to be in the new album. Source via Press Play Fash­ion For­ward.

Watch TV Season Premieres on Hulu

Ever since drop­ping Season-3 on tubes every­where this past Mon­day night, NBC sub­lim­i­nally stated to the other net­works, “We’re back bitches!” Mean­while, I rarely watch TV when I get home other than watch MNF, ESPN and FOX Sports to keep up with Sports in gen­eral. Ever since get­ting a Hulu invite a cou­ple months ago, I have been more than impressed with how far it has come from its days of closed beta.

Any­ways, a cou­ple of TV shows that I have been fol­low­ing lately are: Heroes, Chuck, The Office, My Name is Earl, and Kitchen Night­mares to name a few. On that end, I have to give it up to NBC in let­ting Chuck fans have a sneak peek of Season-2’s first episode avail­able on Hulu days before its pre­miere on Prime­time this upcom­ing Mon­day, Sep­tem­ber 29th. You may watch it below. But best to do so soon as its sup­pose to expire in 2-days.

Chuck Season-2 “Sneak Peek” Pre­miere: Chuck Ver­sus The First Date

If you have missed the other sea­son pre­mieres of some of the shows I have listed above, you may check them out below:

PS. On a side note (Design-wise), the only biggest grudge at the moment with Hulu is the dimen­sion it uses: 512px by 296px. Hence, at the time of this writ­ing, I have my main content’s width to 550px. I would like to have 500px to keep things clean and in order but with the use of dif­fer­ent video sites (i.e. Youtube, Hulu, Video, …), it is safer to use this much space for now; though it irks me when the copy goes of to the right of a 500px video.

Urban Outfitters — LSTN #2

Urban Out­fit­ters just released its sec­ond album, LSTN #2:

  1. Glasssser / Apply
  2. Peter, Bjorn and John / Inland Empire
  3. Of Mon­treal / An Elu­ardian Instance
  4. Depart­ment of Eagles / No One Does It Like You
  5. Takka Takka / Silence
  6. Human High­way / The Sound
  7. Fujiya and Miyagi / Dishwasher
  8. Free Blood / Quick and Painful
  9. The Tough Alliance / Neo Violence
  10. Pas­sion Pit / Sleepy Head
  11. School of Seven Bells / Half Asleep
  12. The Spinto Band / Sum­mer Grof
  13. Japan­ese Motors / Sin­gle Fins & Safety Pins
  14. Women / Black Rice
  15. Sebastien Grainger / Amer­i­can Names
  16. Sky Larkin / Molten
  17. The Moon­dog­gies / Changin
  18. Girls / Hell­hole Ratrace
  19. Chair Lift / Evi­dent Utensil
  20. Koushik / Lying in the Sun
  21. Lesser Gon­za­lez Alvarez / Mostly a Friend

Again, you may lis­ten to each track indi­vid­u­ally by going to this page, or click here to down­load all 21 tracks.


Adobe Creative Suite 4 — Launch Broadcast

Since writ­ing about the Adobe CS4 live web broad­cast a cou­ple of days ago, I was for­tu­nate enough to finally view it. Enjoy!

You may view the video at a higher res­o­lu­tion via You may also find other related videos on that page with regards to CS4. The ones I am inter­ested in see­ing would prob­a­bly be the following:

All I can say is that this is going to be one very nice Suite, and should be fun to play/work with.