Memos from June 2008


While read­ing my emails, I got the TED newslet­ter and read about Rokia Tra­ore per­form­ing “Kounandi”. Then from the com­ments below the video/performance’s post, got linked to a movie also called “Kounandi” (via Emily McManus).

Also learned that “Kounandi” is a name that means “one who brings luck”. The more you know…

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PicLens — Crazy Image/Video Visualization Plugin


Be sure to check this visu­al­iza­tion plu­gin (for most “mod­ern” browsers). It gives a nice way to nav­i­gate through pho­tos (i.e. flickr, google image results, etc.) and videos (i.e. youtube). Not too shabby indeed.

Thanks goes out to Mik for the link.

Nike Golf Ad — Earl Woods on Tiger

Truly an amaz­ing ath­lete of our time.

YouTube Preview Image

This ad just came out at the right time and place. What a remark­able game for both Tiger Woods and Rocco Medi­ate. I per­son­ally had a hard time pulling for one of them to win it all as both were great peeps. Damn, what a story… like a real time, under­dog movie. But each were an “under­dog” to them­selves, as that was their biggest neme­sis. Oh man… what a crazy, life­time event.

PS. Check out this arti­cle writ­ten by ESPN’s Gene Woj­ciechowski, Golf comes up aces: Tiger, Rocco save world of sports. You don’t have to be a Golf fan, or Sports fan… just human.