Memos from December 2007

24 Hour Fitness Membership Special

With all the great food we’re all about to grub on this hol­i­day sea­son it doesn’t hurt to burn some calo­ries at the same time. 24 Hour Fit­ness is run­ning their 3-yr pre­paid spe­cial (then a very low 1-yr. renewal there­after). I cur­rently am on a friends-and-family one for $19/month which totals up to about $228/year All-Sport. Their spe­cial usu­ally runs with the fol­low­ing details:

  • $599.87 amt. due today for 36 months, (12 paid & 24 bonus).
  • Then $49.00 for the 1st renewal year (after your 3rd year).
  • This plan is for access to all Sport, Active and FitLite clubs. Pre-paid dues mean no monthly mem­ber­ship pay­ments. There are other plans avail­able as well.
  • Offer lasts till 12/24/07.

So in 4 years, if I were in this plan, I would’ve saved ~$263. That could’ve gone to bet­ter things like Cold­stone and/or The Cheese­cake Fac­tory… I mean a new pair of Asics Kayanos and Marathon fees…

Any­ways, good luck with it and let me know if this is of good help to you in some way or form.

Happy Hol­i­days!