Memos from October 2007

The Power of the Babysitter

So, my cousin is on her sec­ond year now at UCB. I have been assigned to be the Paci­fier and look over her by my aunt. I just want to share how’s it going, and show a lit­tle bit of what Jedi power I have. Here’s a lit­tle some­thing that just occurred a while ago when I was ready to go to bed. I was about to close down IM when I saw her login and just decided to say the following…

[00:22] me: go to sleep
[00:22] me: gnite
[00:22] me: lates
[00:22] *** “my-cousin” signed off at Tue Oct 16 00:22:59 2007. 

HA! Owned! =D

Lids’ Twisted Collection

I got the word from Lance ear­lier this week about Lids Twisted col­lec­tion of hats. It’s mostly for MLB teams which have “twisted” color-schemes. For exam­ple, a NY Yan­kees’ cap but with Boster Red Sox col­ors. But yeah, pretty cool col­lec­tion. I was think­ing of get­ting one from them. It might be the only way to show some Dodger-blue pride if I do decide to watch another Giants game. So which one do you think will do from the following?

LA Dodgers logo on SF Giants orange and black


SF Giants logo on white and blue