Memos from June 2005

The Future Is Bright

The future is really, really bright! Today, I had the oppor­tu­nity to sit down with my com­pany for a meet­ing with Tickle Founder/CEO James Cur­rier. Tickle was for­merly (if you don�t know), which was bought by Mon­ster World­wide last May., or should I now say Tickle, pretty much gave out tests for per­son­al­ity, IQ, favorite num­ber, your opposite-sex type, what kind of dog you are, etc. The list is pretty much end­less even back then.

Mean­while, even though the time allot­ted for the com­pany sit-down went over, way over, I really learned a lot. More than I was expect­ing. Rein­forc­ing what Mon­ster Founder Jeff Tay­lor quoted a few weeks back (in his own sit-down ses­sion with us), “Big ideas don’t cost no more than small ideas.” Bottom-line, GO BIG OR GO HOME.

But that�s were it�s some­what an argu­ment as well. Some great com­pa­nies now started with small ideas as well; so it can go both ways too. But what I’m get­ting from it is, don’t be restricted to think big in the beginning—or think and dream at all.

One thing that I found very inter­est­ing from James’ pre­sen­ta­tion was that the Inter­net is just barely get­ting started. New tech­nolo­gies are being thought of every­day. Some of these to note are: AJAX, CSS2, XML, RSS and Atom Feeds, etc. Yes, some­times we think that all great ideas (that can make us mil­lions) are thought of already. But that�s one thought process we shouldn’t bar us from extend­ing our cre­ativ­ity and imagination.

For exam­ple, look at the suc­cess story of Google. Before it, there was Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista, etc. But how did it become suc­cess­ful? You may ask. It was through peo­ple; and small talk. Seri­ously, I didn’t find out about Google through ads or any­thing like that. It was through one of you. “You should try Google out. It’s really sim­ple to use.” Right? Right.

Virility—to say it in all in one word. It�s just funny to how this is true with Google’s recent prod­uct, Gmail. How did peo­ple find out about this? Well, it all started prob­a­bly when the Google peo­ple went to a party and met some peo­ple from Blog­ger and said,

Hey, we’d like to push our new email sys­tem out. How about if we invite your (Blog­ger) mem­bers to try it out?

So the idea sparked. Blog­ger mem­bers got the Gmail invites. Then they were sold on eBay for $100–200 the first few days. I think it�s those damn geeks that wanted to reserve their new email address. Pretty much get first pick from the creme of the crop.

Any­ways, I am learn­ing a lot from these com­pany sit-downs. It shows: how peo­ple react to busi­ness; how peo­ple react in busi­ness; how ideas are made, and how those ideas make other ideas; etc. The list of the things I’ve learned so far has exceeded my expec­ta­tions in the past three months I’ve been here; and the fact that there is more to come makes it even more excit­ing and a priv­i­lege to work for ‘em. That, and to serve those peo­ple who pro­tects our freedom—the troops.

From my mind to yours, keep think­ing. Keep explor­ing. Use your imag­i­na­tion. Net­work your­selves and don�t be scared to fail or fall from those small and/or big ideas. After all, we fall “so we can learn to pick our­selves back up.”

Back Up North By Southwest

Damn, that was one rough flight com­ing into OAK. Don’t do it again SW, or… NO SOUP FOR YOU! (I’ll update this entry later today, sooo tired from the week­end… lots of stuff to write about. Good times.)

I flew down this past Thurs­day night by SW. Seems that they were delayed by 30. But oh well, I got to do online checkin and got sat with group A—yayer! First time I actu­ally got to sit with that group, as its usu­ally C and a cou­ple of times in B. I just dont like sit­ting in the back cause by the time you get your drink (for an hour flight) you’re already landing.

Fast-forward to Saturday
Woke up pretty late, as late as 11am. Yah I know, thats pretty early for a Sat­ur­day but I’ve been get­ting up pretty con­sis­tently around 8am on the week­ends for some rea­son unknown. Got ready and went with my bro to his band’s prac­tice in the val­ley. Man oh man, it was freakin’ nice, warm weather. Its been a while since I have worn shorts and actu­ally felt com­fort­able to wear through­out the whole day and night. But yah, these suck­ers are crazy when they prac­tice. I took some doc­u­men­tary of it as well.

Mean­while, 5:30pm rolls around so fast that we were in a rush to get back because of Tinz’ hula recital (which was first-come first-serve seat­ing). I guess its really true when you’re hav­ing fun, time flies. And as a char­ac­ter­is­tic of LA, good ol’ fash­ioned traf­fic (plus smog of course). Oh LA traf­fic, how I miss thee…

I finally got home to change a bit. Might as well, so I can just go straight to the club right after. But yah, I really wanted to take pics of Tinz’ show but couldn’t cause there was this huge ass doods with sarongs(?). Kinda like the ones that are on those “hawai­ian power” shirts. Yah man, aloha to you too brotha. Fur­ther­more, the stage was really damn close to us, thanks to the patience showed by BelLou.

It was Jevon, Jua­na­ton, Tommy, Ryan, Jovan­horne, Cicely, Jay, Bel­Lou, and I attend­ing. I swear, we were like the press—a cam­era per indi­vid­ual. Even though they were strict about the cam­era, Lou man­aged to get some cool pics since he got the great seat—right up the mid­dle and away from the “mus­cles” to see. Besides that, I learned that you can use nylon (from under­wear) to make the harsh­ness of the built-in flash of dSLRs softer. I am label­ing that thing as a “flashdom”—kinda like a con­dom but for flash, keepin’ it safe from overexposure-titis. And who bet­ter to teach me this? Yes, its him, Con­fu­cious rein­car­nated… Jua­na­ton. I tell you, those “flash­doms” are gonna be a great hit.

Feel the Aura
The hula thing went well, kinda reminded me of PCN but no “Cel­e­bra­tion” song. I was glad some­what that it was done as it took a long time to fin­ish. The head guru (I guess) planned giv­ing out the raf­fle stuff at the end; which dragged for more than 30+ min­utes or so. I was step­ping on it to go back home cause I left a bat­tery for my camera.

But alas, I got to the Rhythm Natives’ album release party and show @ Aura Night­club in Stu­dio City. I was stress­ing out cause it was daaamn packed. The line was extended pro­lly a good 100 feet; and that aint single-file. I freakin’ just paid $11 for VIP park­ing since I know I ain’t drink­ing cause of meds. Got out quickly with all my gear and pro­ceed to call T (my bro’s gf), which didn’t pickup… thanks. So I rushed through the back and made my way inside. First time I’ve ever done that; got lucky cause there weren’t any bounc­ers when I went through.

I took quite a lot of pics, or tried too. It was way packed inside, more than I was expect­ing for a gig like their usual ones. I tried tak­ing clear pics but that was a prayer since I had no clear sight to take a good expo­sure on. But any­ways, I got a hand­ful show­ing how great of a show it was. If you haven’t heard any of their stuff, you can go to Go and sup­port, they’re really good—surprisingly.

Besides hear­ing that Lil’ Wayne was there, we saw JC Chasez with a cou­ple of hot ladies. Didn’t really get to take a pic of him, I shoulda cause I just remem­bered that Gwen like that dood (if I can recall). But yah, he had some weird haircut—I think it was a mullet.

Great Week­end
Got to see the doods/doodettes from Irvine, the fam and catch another RN gig—a band on the come up, I swear! And oh yah, got to eat one of my favorite late night spots—Sanam­lu­ang! Man oh man, can you say “mmm mmm good” in Thai?!

From my mind to yours, sup­port my bro and his band—the Rhythm Natives.

South By Southwest

Fly­ing down on a Thurs­day evening with noth­ing else in my head but the cool sum­mer breeze of LA. That and smog… mmm mmm good. But what else can we expect on a week­day trip back­down to SoCal? Well, I have appoint­ments Fri­day, all day. Not the kind of appoint­ments that are for busi­ness but the ones that can help YOU—medical and den­tal… yes’m.

It starts w/ my quar­terly thing that I get myself to do, a blood test. Yes, a blood test and quar­terly taken. Why quar­terly? You may ask… Because I might as well use my med­ical insur­ance for some­thing other than injuries or emer­gen­cies. Think about it, if you’re pay­ing $20–30+ per pay­check, thats about at least $480 per year (with a biweekly pay). Besides pay­ing that much, a reg­u­lar blood test (and med­ical checkup) is great for you. You get to know how you are doing with your diet; diet as in eat­ing food, not the kind of diet you lose a grip of weight with.

Besides, I also was cough­ing (more like dry-coughing) for a cou­ple of weeks after being sick with a cold and flu. Its just been weird because every­time after I catch a cold/flu, I would have the same thing. So any­ways, after being checked up by our fam­ily doc­tor, he said that it might be some kind of allergy. Which sur­prised me a lot because I never really had any aller­gic reac­tions, ever—well now theres at least one, after being sick. I think it all started because of the fires in south OC and north­ern SD last sum­mer. All that ash and debree just aint goood for you, espe­cially when their freak­ing small par­ti­cles that you cant even see. Bot­tom­line, BAD.

Well, after chillin’ with the doc­tor, I went straight to my den­tist were they started the pro­ce­dures to get my crown replaced. They took off the old crown. Cleaned and main­tained the space where it came from, and then put back the old crown as a tem­po­rary till I get the new one in two weeks. Man o’ man, it was just messy.

They injected me twice; one inside and the other out­side, gum-wise adja­cent to the tooth. I was just like Beethoven. Not the musi­cian, but the freak­ing St. Bernard—slobbering all over the place. Slob­bered so much that the den­tal asst. was laughing.

Good times. I miss the Golden Girls (my mom, my aunt and my grandma) as well as the knuckle-heads (my bro and his GF, T). Its very nice to see ‘em, and makes pay­ing the plane ride well worth it with the extra time you get to spend with fam. Any­ways, I’ma go chill and watch some TFC, maybe get luck and catch Tony’s game.

Focker Ouu­u­uut!

PS. I for­got its the age-old Free­way Series this week­end. Should be a good a great matchup. Won­der if they’re using this series as a wager for the name “Los Ange­les.” Check here for more info (ESPN article).

Thanks For The Link?

I was check­ing out my stats for the blog so I can get a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what I can improve on, or what I can add; its also good for work since it shows a dif­fer­ent sub­set of users (of the inet). Any­ways, I was brows­ing the refer­rers when I noticed a new one. It was com­ing from is a social book­marks man­ager. It allows you to eas­ily add sites you like to your per­sonal col­lec­tion of links, to cat­e­go­rize those sites with key­words, and to share your col­lec­tion not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others.

Mean­while, as I checked it, I was linked to someone’s book­marks page. I was like “mah bad!” Among fur­ther exam­i­na­tion of what him/her put as a com­ment for my blog, I was like “what the hell?!” … or some­thing like that. I hope he/she is only think­ing about “refer­ring” and/or get­ting inspired and not lit­er­ally COPYing this ‘ish… or else, its down for some paper­work w/ the anti-pirates!

Oh yah, here’s some num­bers for those who care about what the major­ity of peo­ple are using to surf (at least over here, from the begin­ning of this year):

Note that Mozilla is up and com­ing. Which is good. I rec­om­mend using it to everyone—make it your pri­mary browser; and keep IE as a backup. So, if you are view­ing this site (at least as of 6/21/05), you are miss­ing out =) GO GET FIREFOX!

Here’s My Business Card

Busi­ness cards, they’re like your toes—you feel good you have them but you don’t really use them; at least for me and a few oth­ers. I got my first offi­cial busi­ness cards a week or so ago. I say that because they are, for reals. Even though I’ve been work­ing for years for dif­fer­ent, great companies—they’re gen­uinely my first. Any­ways, my first expres­sion was: “HOLD UP! Is this a joke?!?!” I guess when you got IT… you got IT haha j/p.

Days later, the two boxes of a thou­sand just sat there with no life or a sin­gle peep. Yah, I did hand out a cou­ple to some friends but that’s it. But hey, hav­ing ‘em is a blessing.

What I mean is that you can pretty much use em like McGuyver can use a Coke can as a bong. You can use a busi­ness card for the fol­low­ing (besides for business-use):

  • writ­ing direc­tions when you need to go somewhere*
  • writ­ing down numbers*
  • as a bookmark
  • to pick up pen­nies (as a lever)
  • to win meals from a restau­rant, or a prize from a store
  • to start a fire or a BBQ
  • to remind your­self that you have a job

As you notice, the first two with the aster­isks* pretty much applies to busi­ness cards that are blank on the other side; or those that you can write clearly on the back­side. Mean­while, while hav­ing busi­ness cards are cool it teaches yet a les­son or a moral that we keep hear­ing about:

… its the small things in life that makes it all worth it

… or was it, its the thought that counts and the small things aint shit? TANGENT. Back on point, its the small things like these that makes us feel deserv­ing (as well as thank­ful) to real­ize that we are lucky. I mean that in a more global way. For instance, if you are read­ing this—you are lucky.

Why? you may ask. Well, you’re lucky that you have access to the inter­net; you are lucky that you can read; you are lucky that you have time to do so; etc. Any­ways, its turn­ing into one of those “I can see clearly now” writ­ings (which I didn’t intend to write in the first place). I really was just writ­ing because I read that jovan­horne got some. Oh well, my mind has been going off lately. A good thing though (some­times), makes me con­ceive ideas and design new cre­ative works both for work and my own.

From my mind to yours, get your OWN BUSINESS CARDS FOR FREE! Here’s a pre­view of mine…

PS. I’ll try to write nor­mally now in terms of “proper writ­ing syn­tax.” I’ve been writ­ing like I’m chat­ting; that is, all small­caps and stuff. But yah, I’ll do my best… it’ll start with this entry. You know why, cause YOU (YOU) are spe­cial… YOU! (thats for joe­mama)